Trak-n-Return® Custom Loyalty Programs

Want Loyal Customers?

Protect them.

Custom Loyalty Programs
for Small Businesses.

Affordable Custom Identity Theft-Proof Products

    with Customers


    on Business Growth

    How Many Customers Are You Losing To The Competition?

    Acquire and Retain Customers by Protecting Them!
    Earn your Customers' Loyalty and Trust … Easily.
    Show your Customers that:   They .. Are .. Valued.

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    Trak-n-Return®  Custom Loyalty Programs

    Connect.  Protect.  Reflect.

    Your Lifeblood.

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    We get it.  Customers are our lifeblood too! 

    Collectively, companies spend billions of dollars per year trying to get their attention.   

    With all that money spent, why is it so hard to get customers to remember your brand? 

    How can you stay top-of-mind with your customers?  

    You shouldn't have to be a marketing genius to form an intimate relationship with your customers.

    So, we developed Trak-n-Return®.  A simple, powerful promotional tool to help you connect with and protect your customers.  Then reflect on your measurable business growth.

    Stop wasting your marketing dollars.  Know the actual contact information resulting from your advertising and promotions.
    (Spoiler alert … we do that  … for no extra cost!)

    Great Article:  Why It's So Hard to Get Customers to Remember Your Brand... Inattentional Amnesia. - 


    Promote your Business.  Stay Top-of-Mind.

    Your business has access to its customers' contact information in our database for digital and content marketing.


    Show your Customers they are Valued.

    Protect their identity with your logo and your brand.  Be remembered in their time of need.


    Business Growth.  Effective Promotions.

    Your brand with thousands of visual imprints. Direct marketing with measurable results to new and existing customers.

    Customer Acquisition

     Promote your business to

    • new customers and

    • current customers.

    Customer Retention

    Your logo.  Your brand.  Your customers.

    GET remembered first. 
    BE top-of-mind.

    Business Growth

    Thousands of visual imprints.  Access and market directly to

    • existing AND

    • potential customers!

    Trak-n-Return®  Custom Loyalty Programs

    Connect.  Protect.  Reflect.

    Our Simple Process

    1.   Get Your Custom Tags

    Your brand protecting your customers from identity theft.

    Low minimum quantities. 

    Affordable and Effective!

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    2.   Promote Your Business

    With YOUR Custom ID Theft-Proof Tags. 

    Connect with ...
    and Protect ...
    your current and prospective Customers.

    3.   Grow Your Business

    Literally ... BE Top-of-Mind 24x7. 

    Direct Marketing:  You have database access to customer information of your activated tags!

    Measurable Results.

    Avoid Information Overload!

    Have you ever "watched or listened" to a commercial ... and then seconds later ... have no idea what it was about?  

    For any business ... it's tough to stay top-of-mind!  

    Now imagine ... your business helping your customers when they are at their highest state of anxiety.  

    With Trak-n-Return® customized promotional products, your business is:

    • In the right place

    • At the right time

    • Intimately connected with your customers at a crucial time in their lives.

    Your Business Remembered? 
    You Betcha!

    Custom Loyalty Programs

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